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Paintless Dent Repairs

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Why Paintless Dent Removal?

Clean and Quick

Paintless dent removal is faster than traditional repairs

Environ Friendly

Rarely use chemicals so no harm to environment

Paintless Dent Removal

No painting required - restores the original paint

Less Expensive

Less expensive in comparison to panel beating

About Us

Our team has been in the business of paintless dent repairs for 10 years. We are a mobile business relocating where required in regions hit by hailstorms. Our thorough quality assurance system provides both ease of mind, customer satisfaction and confidence in your workmanship. Our professional customer service approach relieves much of the unnecessary stress out of both the quotation and repair process. Feel free to contact us for a quotation on 0409143422

Our Services

Welcome to Paintless Dent. Our mobile business provides both quotation and high quality repairs on any type of hail damaged vehicles. We also repair dents caused by opening of car doors and shopping trolleys. Our quality repairs is second to none!

Quick Quotations

We not only provide quick painless dent repair quotations, we also provide sound advice and options. We take away the heavy burden of decision making.

We Work Anywhere

Because we are mobile, we are set up to work just about anywhere in Australia. We are usually set up in a storm within a day or two and ready to take quotations and bookings.

Great Performance

Our emphasis on quality is the number one priority. Be it the quotation or workmanship, we back up our warranty.

Affordable Pricing

Our quotation matrix is consistent with the insurance industry standards. Our aim is to provide flexible pricing to meet the needs of the customer.


Why work with us

Our Team are Meticulous in Detail

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Manageable Solutions

From the private car owner to car sales yards and fleets, we provide a stressless paintless dent repair solution to get the vehicles repaired promptly. Our aim is customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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High Quality Dent Repairs

With "eye for detail" our quality assurance process with years of experience means that no spot is left unchecked. Our technicians commit to clean repairs - no marks - no finger prints.

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Paintless Dent Training

We also provide professional training in paintless dent removal for those wanting to enter the industry or simply require to complete the work without having to rely on others for their own businesses.

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Paintless Dent – The Art of Automotive Panel Repair

 Welcome to Paintless Dent. Paintless Dent Repairs is a unique process where dents are removed without the need to respray the vehicle! Dents can occur from opening doors in car parks as well as shopping trolleys hitting your vehicle although the most common dents that such repairs are required are hail […]