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Paintless Dent Removal – Dent Dings

Paintless Dent - tack applied with glue - glue pulling technique
Paintless Dent Glue Pulling Tab – paintless dent

Paintless Dent Removal overall is a fairly clean form of dent repair. Besides a touch of cleaning of special glue or buffing, not much in the form of chemicals are used. No painting is usually required and even in the push to paint process leads to work done by panel beaters. The end result is an overall environmentally friendly approach to repairs!

Our team of professionals have been in the business of paintless dent removal for 10 years and have also managed and repairs hailstorms.

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Our pricing is reasonable and we do provide customer satisfaction. This is because our quality standards are high and realistic. Our paintless dent removal technicians also are prompt and bookings are done on the spot.

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If you have one of more dents or have either purchased or in the process of purchasing a hail damaged vehicle, ask for our friendly advice on likely repair costs and the approximate time frame for repairs.

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Your business is important to us and if you require our repair services, please contact us or feel free to call 0408020468. We will promptly get back to you usually within minutes.